Element Overview

This plugin comes with several useful elements. Figure out which tools you need here!

The only Calendar solution you need.

Using this plugin will make scheduling and any calendar work easier than ever. This flexible plugin allows you to use as little information as start/end times, titles, and unique id's, or link as many as 8 additional pieces of information to each event.

Schedule resources easier than ever!

If you are running a business on bubble, eventually you will likely need to do more than just look at your own appointments. You will need to schedule resources at some point. Those resources could be your own time, your employees time, equipment, rooms, cars, etc. The bottom line being you need a way to automagically (easily) figure out when a resource should be available or is already booked.

The Time Slot Generator make simple work out of the aforementioned task. Simply enter a resources general hours of availability along with current bookings and desired booking duration. This element will spit out the remaining time slots.

Coordinate your schedules

Easily create repeating events

Authenticate with Google

Sync with Google Calendar

Mini calendar available

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