Change Log


  • fix issues with resource timeline view
    • resource area is now dynamically set by pixels
    • resource area now updates appropriately when
  • small calender start/end date/time lists are not required.
    • what is required is that you use one or the other. either enter is a dynamic data type and use the range field to set event times
    • OR
    • use the 2 input lists for start/end times.
      • this was used to link up the Time Slot Generator's Filtered Time Slots List with the small calendar to be able to display bookable times


  • forgot some updates
  • added the date/time picker
  • fixed the small calendar issues
  • fixed bugs with the date/dots
  • updated a lot of element text to clarify what goes where


  • add option 'auto height' to calendar element
  • date picker calendar no longer requires events
  • fixed bugs with datepicker


  • fix data out when using action jump to date
  • fix errors/bugs occurring when using go forward/go backward 1 time period


Date picker / mini calendar added


  1. 1.
    Fixed calendar height bug. calendar will render the size that you design it.
Last modified 5mo ago